Day 14 – Reusable Ware

What did we just learn, everyone of us could save 167 plastic bottles and 500 coffee cups if we used a reusable bottle/mug? Well, to me, that sounds convincing. Particularly because we know that a plastic bottle takes at about 450 years to degrade. That’s far longer than we use it in our daily lives, longer than our own life and that is scary.

Our society has become too comfortable using a new paper cup with plastic lid every single morning, grabbing the take-away coffee to work. It is not that difficult to bring a cup and wash it at home for the next day.

And even in countries, where water is not drinkable from the tab, recycling efforts could be a solution of avoiding the mass of plastic bottle waste, produced by the need to drink clean water. Now studies found on average 325 micro plastics per littre of bottled drinking water from 19 areas of the world (Mason et al. 2018). And it is not really a surprise, let’s be honest.

But back to our level of convenience, I wouldn’t want to be part of a throwaway society, and it is not really hard to think before going to grab a take-away.


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