YouMaRes 9 Conference

Youmares 9.png

Our ocean, our research, our future!

We would like to welcome young marine researchers to join in at the Youmares Conference in Oldenburg (northern Germany) this year in September. The conference is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded students and present your own research in the various Sessions. Abstracts can now be submitted until 30th May 2018!!

Together with a friend, I will host a session about the effects of
marine plastic debris on organisms in the sea ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ><ˆ«
This will hopefully unite lots of interesting young Ocean Enthusiasts to share their thoughts and efforts –  we are very excited!

Check it out and feel free to ask any questions that may come to mind.

Related publication:

  • Prinz, N. & Korez, Š. (accepted). Understanding how microplastics affect marine biota on the microscopic level is important for assessing ecosystem function – a review. Proceedings for Youmares 9. Submitted to Reports on polar and marine research AWI.

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