Day 12 – Food Sharing

And now we get to one of my favourite environmentally-aware topics: Food Sharing!
This is a Germany-wide initiative that offers the ‘legalised’ form of dumpster diving.

It is functioning solely on voluntary efforts and people signing up to save food from ending up in the bin. And it is crazy but within the last year that I have been involved in this, I have saved approximately 1000 kgs of edibles!

The food ranges from mostly fruit and veggies to bread, dairy products, eggs and occasionally even meats and fish (which then becomes veganised because we don’t throw away food!). Most of it is either not pretty anymore or close to the date of expiry. So it is your own responsibility of how you best use it. But it is absolutely fantastic because you are eating (good & healthy) food that would otherwise be doomed to be dumped, it is free and it undermines the consumer chain. Many things are wrapped in plastic and even that would be chucked without having been properly used.

In sum, with food sharing I don’t buy plastic or plastic-wrapped items, I save them and the trash I produce with it will at least be recycled properly.

Curious how it works? Check out their website FoodSharing and be a part of it. Believe me, it feels amazing, you can take and also give so much food away plus it is very, very sustainable, also for your own purse.


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