Day 11 – Solid stuff?

A plastic-free lifestyle, doesn’t mean that we have to be stinky! Inspired by the products in the plastic-free store, I would came across a few alternatives to thinks we can’t really imagine being without plastic: shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant.

And yes, it exists in a solid form. Just think of soap instead of liquid shower gel. These products were relatively expensive, but recently I found a website that promotes how we can even make these products ourselves! Check out and get even more inspired in how we can get back to natural products, self-made or just much more environmentally friendly.

And concerning the question, whether those things really work? Yes, they do on me! Besides, it is super convenient to travel with them, just think of flying with only hand luggage or doing any kind of trip without the fear that stuff could leak into your bag 🙂

IMG_7410 2 2.jpg

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