Day 6 – Clothes are made for wearing

… and these plastic boots were made for walking. Just what they did for the last 4 years!

Let us all be honest, is it really important to have the newest, finest, most trendy clothing? I don’t think so. And that is why I decided that I will not go shopping for the next months until I really NEED something new, because my other clothes or shoes did their final duty. I can’t really remember when I last bought new clothes or shoes… Probably some time in summer 2016. But it is time to stop consuming for the sake of consuming! My drawers and wardrobes are nearly exploding from stuff that accumulated throughout my life.

Despite the fact that shopping at times can make you feel really good, just imagine how much joy you can have from wearing things so much that the plastic that was used for making it, really has done a good job, before it becomes trash.

And in our clothes is lots of plastic! Our clothes are reason for one of the most dangerous, tiny micro- or nanoparticles in the form of fibers. They gradually wash out of our laundry, each time we put on a wash, and end up, through the drains, despite filters – yes of course – in the ocean!

Isn’t a person who knows why they wear retro things much more attractive than a person who wears new things because it is in now? Let’s start and change our attitude and tolerate older clothes and shoes, even though they might have a little hole, or two.


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