Day 5 – Abstain from indulging?

Avoiding plastic is pretty much avoiding to buy delicious things. Because, if you think about it, almost everything is wrapped or packaged in some sort of plastic. Especially ice cream, sweets, chips and other nibbles and snacks. So does a life with less plastic mean that treating yourself is in the past?

No, it doesn’t! At least we should start working for more plastic-free deliciousness in supermarkets! Here for example is ice cream that comes in paper. Surely, there is a coating on it to avoid the material from getting soggy. But at least there are options and packaging efforts towards a more sustainable type of waste. It is up to us to keep looking out for those options!

To be fair, a treat is usually consumed fairly quickly and therefore in itself, not really sustainable. Apart from the joy it brings in those few moments 🙂


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