Day 4 – Walk the dog

You may ask now‚ what does going for a walk have to do with plastic?? But hey, it does! We might not necessarily use too much plastic whilst walking our favourite pet companion. Yet, the increased awareness about the waste we produce has lead me to note trash on the ground even then. Have you ever realised how much plastic trash we encounter when striving through the streets of a town or city? Even when walking along fields and forests there is a lot of stuff that shouldn’t be there. Despite the fact that many of us (Germans) live quite far away from the coast and can’t walk our dogs on beaches, we still need to acknowledge that most of the plastic debris that is found in the oceans comes from land. That’s why we need to start acting onshore and particularly in the big urban centers of the world’s continents.

It is self-evident that people should go throw waste into bins and not onto streets!

And hence, it would be even better if we picked up some plastic every time we walk the dog. That way we don’t just keep our walkways clean, we also remove plastic from drainages through which they can eventually end up in the sea.


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