Day 3 – Cleaning Teeth

Toothbrushes.jpgI don’t think we sometimes realise how many items in our all-day lives are going to be plastic waste within a few days or months of use. When it comes to hygiene, plastic is probably one of the best inventions mankind has come up with, just think of medicaments and the possibility of keeping things sterile.

Hygiene is important and teeth need daily attention! But, I wonder how many kilos of plastic toothbrushes I have already used (and thrown into the bin) in my life?…
Now I want to stop that because it is not responsible. And there are options out there to also leave plastic tooth brushes behind. Brushes made of wood with pig’s bristles (see on the bottom of the image) are working really well (and is theoretically also vegetarian, as bristles can be cut off without killing the animal, and/or are a side product and pigs will surely not get killed for that reason) or bamboo brushes (above), also biodegradable or burnable.

The wooden option is, of course, more expensive and also doesn’t last eternally. But as far as I can see, non-plastic options are almost always more expensive and therefore WE need to start boycotting plastic to the extend that more and more affordable options are getting produced. One day there might be an electric toothbrush made of biodegradables as well, who knows…!

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