Day 2 – You’ve got Mail


Who thought it would be that tough to do 2 days without plastic. That was my first thought when I got a little parcel. Strange, isn’t it? When I was younger, I would have jumped up and down in joy of receiving something from far away.

Today I realised that sending bigger things via post and/or ordering stuff online that gets sent to your door will often be packaged in at least one plastic envelope. Not always, of course, but often. This is good, as I now know to be very careful of what I order or how I send things overseas.

In this particular case it was a very happy moment nevertheless, because I got the little purse with which I supported the FairSole startup, a great project by friends with a an amazing purpose. Check it out!

Coming across such daily surprises of how we are actually not always directly in control of our own plastic use purse was educating and the purse itself was yet, only wrapped in colourful paper.

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