Day 1- Going For Plastic-Free Food

FoodShopping.jpegEntering one of our air-tightly packed supermarkets is an experience in itself, if you didn’t get used to it yet, and if you can still see through the aisles without getting dizzy of all the options and various products for sale. And if you never really thought about the opulence in the selection that we are exposed to in a supermarket, then here is an easier task: try and find items NOT covered or made from plastic! It will be easy because there is not much choice! Almost everything is packaged or covered in plastic. So, you might need to take a bit more time to do your groceries and search…

This is what I tried on my first day of plastic-free February, when I got a shopping list from my mother. It is not easy, but it is doable! In some big shops there are loose veggies and fruit (accounting for regional products is another chapter!) like on markets (our bit more expensive, but viable substitute to stores!). If you are prepared you can pack those in your own paper bags or crates. Some canned products can be alternatively found in glass jars, that you can always reuse or even recycle. Some things, you might oppose now, are impossible to buy without plastic, what about milk products, saucy stuff, pasta, rice, sweets or even hygiene products like toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorant and lady things?

Well, nothing is impossible, and I will try and either find solutions in preparing things myself, or buy all these items without plastic within this month in shops that promote their ’unverpackt’ (non-packaged) goods. Don’t you remember those shops that you take pictures of in other countries, everything in big bags or jars? Yes, exactly those, where you take your own containers (made of possibly hard-plastic, because mum still had them) or your glass jars (here we go- first way of using them again!). This entire shopping endeavour, might be a post for another day.

Today I managed to reduce so drastically, that I know it can work for everyone. The clue is, to find the right shop in which it becomes possible to reduce on plastic without coming back with only a couple of apples and a bottle of juice. So maybe have a look around and see where your no-trash shopping options are!

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